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Start earning a commission today!

Here at Just Simple Hosting we support our community by providing a commission based affiliate scheme, you the digital marketer, web developer, SEO Expert can earn a commission percentage every month for each client you recommend.

Our commission percentage starts at 5% and will increase depending on the amount of referrals. This commission applies to the clients you refer. So you earn 50% commission on all 200+ clients every month. This applies to all our products and services that your clients purchase from us. 

Referred Clients

Commission (%)

No Referrals


15+ Referrals


25+ Referrals


50+ Referrals


100+ Referrals


150+ Referrals


200+ Referrals


How do I activate my account and start earning commission?

1. You will need an account to start earning commission, you can signup at

2. Then you will need to verify your email address for that account. Don't forget to check your spam folder.

3. To activate your affiliates account you will need to go to the affiliates page and click activate as shown below.


4. Once activated you will see a link provided on the page to refer clients, This link will be used to track the clients you refer to us. Your ready to start earning commission.

What do I need to know before I start earning commission?

Once your account is active and your email is verified you will need to have an active product under your account before you can start earning any commission. You can't recommend a company you have never tried. If you have no active product under your account then you won't receive any commission for referrals before the active product. So you can't build up your referral count and then before withdrawing purchasing a product as that will void all referrals before the active product.

You need to reach a minimum of £50 in your account before you can withdraw your commission.

When you reach your next commission bracket you will need to contact our support team and we will evaluate your account and upgrade your commission to a higher percentage.

Your commission percentage can go up or down based on how many active clients you have referred as shown above.