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How do we secure our websites and servers?

All of our managed servers are secured with BitNinja; BitNinja is a multi-layered security system to block cyberattacks at any threat level automatically and make the troubleshooting of all security incidents easier via a self-service console. We provide all-in-one, easy-to-use, and resource-friendly Linux Server Security.

What are the benefits of BitNinja Security?

You get a range of benefits like the web application firewall which protects customer management systems againsts a wide range of threats including XSS and SQL injection with a powerful and reliable web application firewall module, BitNinja comes with a range of modules that help protect and secure your website.

You get the following security protection and features with your website; Anti-Malware, Website Vulnerabilities, Security Support, Blocked Botnet Attacks, Captcha Protection and a Trust Seal.

Does my hosting come with BitNinja Security?

All of our hosting solutions come with BitNinja except VPS or Dedicated servers. BitNinja is configured and managed by us and is setup to our security parameters. You can manage your site security and run malware scans from your cPanel dashboard under Bitninja Site Protection within your website hosting account. This allows you to keep an eye on your website and make sure its up to date and secure from potential threats. If you require a license for your vps or dedicated server then we can supply you with a license starting at 12.00/m, same price as going directly with BitNinja.
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How does BitNinja Work?